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Groundbreaking Case Report on Lab Testing Heavy Metals in Ispire LVL 280 Vaporizer

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Topic: Excelbis Labs  Author: Excelbis Labs   Date: 12/18/2021   Read: 5minute
Excelbis Labs Testing facility.
“Strategies for Nonpolar Aerosol Collection and Heavy Metals Analysis of Inhaled Cannabis Products.”

A new, groundbreaking case report was completed after successfully lab testing Ispire LVL 280 disposable vaporizers for heavy metals. The report was inspired by a recently published study titled, “Strategies for Nonpolar Aerosol Collection and Heavy Metals Analysis of Inhaled Cannabis Products”, which demonstrated trace amounts of metals detected within the distillate oil from different vape devices/brands, after simulated use.

A total of nine vape devices were distributed to nine participants who took 50, two-three second puffs, over 7 days. The devices were recovered and delivered to Excelbis Labs in Santa Ana, CA to undergo heavy metal testing. The contents in the vape cartridge was full-spectrum Hemp/CBD oil and was previously screened for heavy metals.

By screening the distillate oil prior to the experiment ensured a clean, unadulterated product from the start. Testing the oil after normal consumer use of the vape device, provided the best means to accurately measure the device itself, and whether it would contribute to heavy metal contamination. After successfully testing each individual vape device, results showed that the
heavy metals detection were well below the action limits set by the DCC. Essentially, each Ispire LVL 280 passed heavy metal testing and demonstrated a quality product that safeguards consumer health.

Excelbis Labs chose to volunteer its testing services for the case report to help manufacturers add more transparency to their product line and demonstrate safety to the consumer. Keven
Brahmbhatt, President of Excelbis Labs, stated, “At times, health crises can be exaggerated and cast a generalized narrative that isn’t manufacturer specific. If a single manufacturer engages in questionable business practices, it could pose a threat to the entire vaping community.” Brahmbhatt added, “Brands and manufacturers should be proactive in addressing concerns to avoid undue criticism.”

More vape device manufacturers should consider testing their products for contaminants before and after consumer use. Remaining proactive will help manufacturers advance the industry and identify any manufacturing flaws or components that may contribute to heavy metals, and other contaminants, from leaking into cannabis and Hemp CBD distillate oils. Due to the CDC’s e-cigarette, or vaping product, use-associated lung injury (EVALI) crisis in 2019, vape device manufacturers need to test their products to avoid another health crisis and remain more transparent to consumers and the industry.

Ispire LVL 280 Heavy Metals Case Report Read the Full Report

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