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Mycotoxin screening is imperative to ensure no mold spores are growing on Cannabis, Hemp and CBD products. Most of the mycotoxin exposure is a result of consuming contaminated foods, with the liver the primary target organ. However, inhalation of spore-borne toxins and skin contact with mold infested substrates are common sources of exposure. Employing early screening for mycotoxins with R&D panels are important to ensure no mycotoxin germination.

What Are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are compounds derived from fungi (secondary metabolites of molds) and are toxic to humans and animals in low concentrations. These opportunistic pathogens produce illness and worsen the symptoms for consumers with pre-existing conditions. According to risk management authorities, mycotoxins are listed as the most significant chronic dietary risk factor, ranking higher than food additives, plant toxins, synthetic contaminants, and pesticide residues.

How We Test for Mycotoxins

Homogenize product using exclusive techniques that exceed state requirements. Employ Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry to evaluate mycotoxin levels. Results will be listed as detect or non-detect.

Complimentary Pesticide Test Included

Complimentary pesticide screening included with mycotoxin test order

Mycotoxins Screened:

Aflatoxin B1

Aflatoxin B2

Aflatoxin G1

Aflatoxin G2

Ochratoxin A

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